Chiaki Murata
Chiaki Murata
Chiaki Murata

Born in Sakaiminato, Tottori, 1959. Joined Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. after graduating from the Osaka City University, Faculty of Engineering, Applied Physics Department in 1982.
Established hers experimental design laboratory, inc. in 1986, and were involved in a wide range of design activities, especially in product design field. Designed a blood pressure monitor ‘Spot Arm’ for OMRON in 2004 and ‘Xbox 360’ for Microsoft in 2005, which both made record-breaking sales.
METAPHYS, a brand-sharing consortium brand which Murata established, has won more than 50 domestic and international design awards, such as Good Design Special Award, DFA Grad prix, Red Dot BEST OF BEST, German Design Award.
The product development method through psychological behavior analysis called Behavior Design and Sensibility Value Hexagon, which Murata practiced himself, has been used by many companies and the government.
Involved in many design-driven project producing such as TC&D (Tokyo Crafts & Design) produced by TOKYO METROPOLITAN ART MUSEUM, and iiza, Echizen Brand Products Consortium and TOTT Tottori Products Consortium, and created the word Social Design through the experience of producing Eco Products Design Competition 2007~2010, Social Design Conference 2011~2015, and is dedicated to enlightenment of social design.
Visiting professor of KOBE DESIGN UNIVERSITY. Adjunct instructor of KYUSHU UNIVERSITY. Started in 2011 at graduate school of KYOTO UNIVERSITY OF ART AND DESIGN, SDI (Social Design Institute), which aims to solve social problems through design. Published “A Textbook for social design” (JAPAN PRODUCTIVITY CENTER) and “A Textbook for social design” (CCC Media house).

Visiting Professor of KOBE DESIGN UNIVERSITY Member of Japan Industrial Designers’ Association
Adjunct Instructor of KYUSHU UNIVERSITY Member of Japan Design Producers ’ Union (Cooperative)
Director of Japan Design Consultants Association Director of Eco Design Network (NPO)
Director of Research Department of Eco Produtcts
2001 3-Dimensions Shock Accelerometer TG-301 received Good Design Award ‘Gold Award’
2005 Unmanned Rescue Plane Kite Plane RESQUE 1.0 received Good Design Award of Small and Medium Enterprises
METAPHYS falce received Good Design Award of Small and Medium Enterprises / Osaka Design Center ‘Good Design of the Year’
Under take Microsoft Xbox Console Design
2007 METAPHYS hono received Red Dot Design Award / JIDA MUSEUM SELECTION / New Japanese Style Design Award
METAPHYS uzu received Red Dot Design Award / JIDA MUSEUM SELECTION
COWAY Water Purifier and Air Purifier received IF Award / Red Dot Award
METAPHYS received 100% DESIGN PREMIO at 100% Design Tokyo
2008 METAPHYS locus received Good Design Award / Small and Medium Enterprises
METAPHYS viss received ISOT Stationery of the Year / Good Design Award
METAPHYS uzu received Asia Design Award ‘Bronze Award ’
2009 METAPHYS susuki received Asia Design Award ‘Bronze Award’
2010 Echizen Knife Chopping Board received Design Plus Japan Brand Award at Germany Ambiente / IF Design Award
METAPHYS susuki received Best New Product Award at Paris Maison Objet
METAPHYS lucano received Red Dot Award ‘Best of Best’ / Good Design Award / Good Design Award of Small and Medium Enterprises
METAPHYS uqu received Asia Design Award ‘Gold Award’
Chiaki Murata received Asia Designer Award ‘Grand Prix’
2011 METAPHYS ienami received Active Design & Craft Award at the 71st Tokyo International Gift Show
Mobile Beer Server dokonama received Frontier Grand Prix for new business
METAPHYS gekka received Asia Design Award ‘Silver Award’
Next Generation Energy Saving House METAPHYS HOUSE received Good Design Award
Nichiban Tape Glue Tenori received Stationery of the Year
2012 Paris Miki Glasses Microtitan / Saraya Foam Hand Soap Dispenser Elefoam received Good Design Award
COWAY Water Purifier CHP-240N received Good Design Award / Red Dot Design Award
2013 METAPHYS lucano 1-step / Paris Miki Glasses Series2 Microtitan / Misumi Conveyor Belt SV Series / Sekisei Clip File Happobijin / Kyuho Plastic Bottle Squeezing Machine PET&ECO / Interman Cellphone Booth BODYPHON / Tokyo Metropolitan Museum New Traditional Crafts Produce TOKYO CRAFTS & DESIGN / Takano Awning RIPARO received Good Design Award
METAPHYS suiu received Asia Design Award ‘Grand Award’
METAPHYS lucano 3step received German Design Award ‘Winner Award’
2014 METAPHYS lucano 3step received IF Design Award
2015 METAPHYS patis received German Design Award
Yamamoto GIGA QUAD received Good Design Award Best100
METAPHYS「lucano ladder」 IF design award 2015
iiza “Japanese style Knife series ” IF design award 2015 / JAPAN WOOD DESIGN AWARD 2015
2016 iiza ”Knife series for Professional ”IF design award 2016