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Because it cannot be seen

records fraudulent activities at the front door. It was not made with the idea of preventing fraudulent activities by letting the fraudster know that he or she is being recorded, but with the idea of preventing the outraged reactions of the fraudster beforehand by not letting him or her know that it is a camera. With fraudsters not knowing that it is a camera, by handing the microSD to the police, it becomes proof after the fraudulent activity has happened and leads to the arrest of the fraudster and the return of your

Appearance of interior lighting
At first glance, the appearance as interior lighting stands out. The design was created from the new idea of preventing fraudulent activities without revealing that there is a camera.
Motion sensor and automatic recording
Usually, the lamp will light your doorstep as interior lighting. When a person approaches the sensor, the light becomes bright and the camera begins recording automatically (it records on a microSD card). If necessary, the face of the person can be recorded clearly. In addition, if a person with dementia passes by your doorstep, the system will record the exact time to protect his/her safety.
Motion sensor and automatic recording
Simple operation
Assuming use by the elderly, we reduced the number of buttons as much as possible. It
is a design that does not require complex operation.
Lighting image
  • Light Gray
    Light Gray
  • Brown
  • Black
nama ento kind Security Camera with Light
code 17010 variation Light Gray/ Black / Brown
size W65mm × H242mm × D65mm material acrylic、ABS
camera HD 1280 × 720 / SD 640 × 360 recording file number More than up to 50 cases (overwrite from an old thing sequentially)
recording file format MJPEG accessories micrSD card (8GByte) ・AC adapter
partner company Tottori Star Electric Group