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METAPHYS endeavors to simply challenge how much “design” can support industrial manufacturing. I would like to emphasize, that the term “design” used within this context, refers to that beyond colors and shapes. Various companies within different professions gather as a single brand with a single concept, and by looking closely at each agenda of the company, we aim to reevaluate their message and explore their core substance. Although each company holds a different status, and caters for different markets, the message that can be sent with one accord as a METAPHYS partner comes with edification and the CSR, and is able to produce resonance that could not otherwise be achieved with a single company.

METAPHYS starts by hearing the core competence of the company. We aim to leave behind a solution that is unique to the individual company based on the learned information. The hidden concept with “something inside” the minimal form; METAPHYS exists for the depiction of this knowledge.

A single water droplet becomes a river when united into a collective motion, just as a small voice develops into a unified thought. When the rivers magnitude meets that of human wisdom and overflows, the endeavor of METAPHYS will become a familiar sight.

Chiaki Murata
Chiaki Murata

Managing Director of Hers Design Inc.
Managing Director of METAPHYS

How to join METAPHYS as a partner company.

We are willing to work with new partner company.
Please refer the system of METAPHYS if you are interested in.

List of developed product
  • hono
  • stamug mini
  • stamug
  • savone
  • feuille
  • feuille
  • gekka
  • suiu
  • lucano
  • lucano
  • lucano
  • patis
  • falce
  • iconclock
  • paol
  • locus
  • locus
  • locus
  • gum
  • sebanz
  • sebanz
  • sebanz
  • sebanz
  • sebanz
  • sebanz
  • famm
  • famm
  • famm
  • famm
  • hyakka
  • brillo
  • tronc
  • haku
  • kasmi
  • bagel
  • corda
  • casca
  • uqu
  • mobius ring
  • metaphys house
  • obi
  • viss
  • celtis
  • cuna
  • rin
  • soto
  • ladd
  • famm
  • factory
  • quale
  • susuki
  • holo
  • rolu
  • blanc
  • nebula
  • locus
  • soh
  • movos
  • famm
  • famm
  • famm
  • maisonette S
  • hug
  • maisonette
  • lunacalante
  • volca
  • lago
  • node
  • picture
  • escargot
  • kion
  • uzu

Here is product that has been developed with partner company.
“hers” is finding better significance of existence and visual environment.
“hers” is finding social existence value for each company.