METAPHYS begins by matching seeds and needs.

Partner Sought by METAPHYS

• A company that wants to develop fascinating products together.
• A foundation or partnership that wants to promote industry in the region through fascinating products.
• A company with core competence (superior competitiveness achieved by the company’s own technological capabilities) [companies from all fields are welcome].
• A company with a competitive production system even if the company is fabless (domestic/international companies are welcome).
• A traditional crafts manufacturer that wants to develop a new market through design.

Partners that Will Benefit with METAPHYS

• A company that wants to change from B2B to B2C.
• A company that wants to realize the development of products with added value.
• A company that wants to participate in the high-end consumer market by sharing sales stages.
• A company that wants to improve their corporate image by sharing brand images.
• A company that wants to develop a long-life product with a sophisticated design.
• A company that wants to manufacture proprietary products to increase the rate of operation using excess capacity on the B2B manufacturing line.
• A company that wants to utilize networks between partners.
• A company that wants to reduce advertising costs with the shared use of METAPHYS PR.
• A company that wants to acquire and expand sales channels overseas.

Flow (From Business Matching to Sales)
Flow(From Business Matching to Sales)

At METAPHYS, the business starts with interviews on core competence and the status of the company, core technological capabilities, products, stakeholders, and development systems.
As a result of interviews, plans and designs in the Hers Design Bank are selected (or a new plan based on an interview), and the direction of product planning is determined.

Sales Stage/Target Demographic
Sales Stage

At METAPHYS, products from different companies are comprehensively produced from the point of view of lifestyle.
In order to deliver products with high added value created from METAPHYS design at the appropriate price, the products will be sold at EC and dynamic lifestyle stores, and we look to share the stage with many partners.

Synergy (Merits Created by Collaboration)
Merits Created by Collaboration

By participating in METAPHYS, the possibilities of developing new business plans expand. The collaboration created from cooperation among companies through product development creates a synergy that goes beyond product development. In addition, through mutual use and sharing of high-quality sales channels from each cooperating company, sale of a wide variety of genres is possible.

Business System
Business System

METAPHYS is operated by the METAPHYS Business Department of Hers Experimental Laboratory Inc. The METAPHYS Business Department has connections with many partners and sales channels to build and operate the brand. In addition, the business process of holding exhibitions and PR operations is strategically operated and managed.

Media Strategy

Through popular product planning and designs, METAPHYS attracts voluntary coverage from the media, and we build an overall image of the brand through the synergetic effects created by each topic.
METAPHYS uses a planning development method that reviews the current position of the company from its roots called Behavior Design. The product concepts created from the new perspective based on Behavior Design are highly rated by the media.

Participating Cost

The cost of participation in METAPHYS is generally divided into the following four categories: Contract fee, design fee, royalties, and exhibition fees. In addition, the design fee for the product development stage is set lower than the standard at METAPHYS. This is to reduce the initial cost of product development. We use a system where this is compensated for in the royalties at the stage of product sale.

Partner Contract Fee

At METAPHYS, a contract fee is required when signing a contract. The contract fee is allocated as part of business operation costs including the maintenance of show rooms, PR, and website operation.

Product Design Fee (During Product Development)

The products of METAPHYS maintain consistency as a design brand with Hers Experimental Design Laboratory Inc. overseeing the planning and design operations. Chiaki Murata, the representative of Hers, produces and manages the product design of METAPHYS projects. At Hers, we provide uniform management of the total brand including the follow-up work of packaging, photographing, and creating pamphlets and POP. The product design fee is lower than the standard to reduce the initial investment *1, and we use a system where this is compensated for in the royalties after product commercialization.
*1 The reduction rate is set depending on the degree of difficulty of the developing product.

Royalties (During Product Sale)
Brand Royalty 1% of the suggested retail price
Set at 1% of the retail price as a brand use fee
Design Royalty 2% of the suggested retail price
As compensation for the product design fee, it is set at 2% of the suggested retail price.
By paying a design royalty fee, we reduce the initial cost.
Exhibition Participation Fees (When Necessary)

At METAPHYS, we participate in exhibitions to build the brand appeal. The exhibition fee for entering these exhibitions will be appropriately covered by the partner companies overall.