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Making the act of wearing shoes look more elegant

gentlemen are forced into unpleasant positions when putting on shoes. However, shoehorns are not available everywhere all of the time. Because of this, we came up with a perfect shoehorn you can carry around. This slim shoehorn with a clip can be clipped onto the inside of your jacket pocket or pocket of your bag, and you can pull it out quickly when you want to use it and put on your

Take it out to wear shoes
The slim shoehorn with a clip can be taken out for use and makes
the wearing of shoes more smooth and elegant.
The attached clip
Tuck it into the inside pocket of the jacket, and when you want to use it, take it out when putting on shoes. In addition, it can also be tucked into the pocket of bags.
High-level press technology
With the press technology of high-intensity stainless steel from Tanaka Seisakusho Co., Ltd., a clip shape that does not cause spring back is possible.
  • Silver
  • Black
name cliph kind Clip Shoehorn
code 85080 -SV / -BK color Silver・Black
size W21mm × H10.9mm × D99mm package size W44.5mm × H12.5mm × D128mm
material stainless partner company Tanakaseisakusho co.,ltd