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The flexibility of beta-titanium releases unnecessary strength

aluminum body and fine beta-titanium for the ear pick part. With its protection cap, it can be carried hygienically and also features a design where it can stand on a table on its own. The ear pick part is beta-titanium, is hypoallergenic, and with flexible elasticity that releases unnecessary strength when excess force is applied, we realized perfect comfort during use that will not damage the ear

An ear pick that does not look like an ear pick
When closing the cap, no one will notice that it is an ear pick. Even when placed on a shelf or desk, it will not disrupt the mood or the atmosphere. Once the cap is closed, impurities and dust will not adhere to the ear pick, and it will remain clean whether carried in a pocket or left on a shelf.
Assured picking sensation of beta-titanium
By combining two types of beta-titanium, the ear pick realizes a flexible elasticity and will not stress the ear canal. The user experience is very comfortable when using the ear pick. Since it is made out of beta-titanium, there is no worry of metal allergic reactions.
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name elin kind Beta-Titanium Earpick
code 71010 -SV / -BK / -RD / -GD / -OR color Silver・Black・Red・Gold・Orange
size W21mm × H10.9mm × D99mm package size W44.5mm × H12.5mm × D128mm
material aluminum
Titanium alloy(β titanium、NEWβ)
partner company Copyright Yamamoto Seiki Co., LTD.