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The blindspot from the seated eye level

business cards. There are many business card cases where you need to look over from the top; however, this card stocker incorporates a two-way opening design that allows you to look at the business cards from the seated eye level. It is also easy to remove or add classified index and dividers, organize the cards in alphabetical order or divide your own cards with clients ones. The manganese phosphate processing applied to the

A two-way opening design to put in/pull out cards
By making the space for the two-way opening on the top and front sides larger, confirming business cards from a seated position is possible. In addition, the indexes face the horizontal position for searching through business cards by flipping through them with the fingers from a seated position. Rapid access to the intended business card is now possible.
A matte surface processing with durability
The technology of manganese phosphate has been used for parts with extreme friction on
industrial products and is now diverted to consumer products. A deep matte texture brings the enhanced value.
Technological capabilities cultivated for many years
Hori Industry Plating has improved surface processing technology for more than 60 years. By utilizing the accumulated knowledge and experience through trial-and-error, we manufacture products in the gray/black color tone series that are worth noting made by excellent technicians.
Card Stocker
memo holder
Pen Stand
name phospho kind Card Stocker
code 44610 color black
size W190mm × H60mm × D110mm package size W192mm × H70mm × D122mm
material Body/steel
partner company Hori Industry Plating Co.,Ltd.