• phospho
Makes memos fully visible

including Post-it notes. Putting a cover on half-written memos or memos of various sizes allows for an orderly desktop. It can be used to organize memos written on the spot by placing it on the desk, and keeps their contents private. The manganese phosphate processing applied to the phospho offers excellent wear resistance. The phospho Memo Holder is part of the desktop series and features a matte and modern taste.

A matte surface processing that makes your desk looks organized
By hiding the factors that disrupt the visual mood, such as disorganized memos around the desk, and colorful slips, an organized desk can be realized. The manganese phosphate that has been used in the parts with extreme friction of industrial products has been turned into a consumer product.
Storing of memos of various sizes is possible
Since there no dividers of a definitive size, the size of the memos can be combined freely. Please find the perfect memo technique that suits you.
Technological capabilities cultivated for many years
Hori Industry Plating has improved surface processing technology for more than 60 years. By utilizing the accumulated knowledge and experience through trial-and-error, we manufacture products in the gray/black color tone series that are worth noting made by excellent technicians.
Card Stocker
Memo Holder
Pen Stand
name phospho kind Memo Holder
code 44620 color Black
size W190mm × H13mm × D120mm package size W192mm × H20mm × D126mm
material steel partner company Hori Industry Plating Co.