• phospho
Typical pen stands damage pens

incorporating a divider, which eliminates the possibility of the pens being damaged by rubbing against one another. In addition, for creating a special storage place for each pen, we placed Greek icons in in each of them. The manganese phosphate processing applied to the phospho offers excellent wear resistance. The phospho Pen Stand is part of the desktop series and features a matte and modern taste.

No damage to important pens
On the divider is bent in a zig-zag shape, a Greek letter icon is arranged, and we made space for each of your important pens. Remove and insert pens, and the case eliminates the possibility of damage to the pens from rubbing against one another.
A slim, modern design for your desk
The simple slim body matches various interior design styles, and you can keep your desk organized.
Technological capability cultivated for many years
Hori Industry Plating has improved surface processing technology for more than 60 years. By utilizing the accumulated knowledge and experience through trial-and-error, we manufacture products in the gray/black color tone series that are worth noting made by excellent technicians.
Card stocker
Memo holder
Pen stand
name phospho kind Pen Stand
code 44630 color Black
size W190mm × H73mm × D30mm package size W195mm × H78mm × D38mm
material Body/steel
partner company Hori Industry Plating Co.,Ltd.