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The appearance of the Inshu-Washi art object constantly changes

cooperation of Tsuyoshi Nakahara, METI - designated traditional craftsperson. The sand of the Tottori sand dunes changes shape constantly. With the wind, the changing sand statue never has the same expression. The elegance of the changing shape due to the wind ripples every time you look at it is expressed as kinetic art. The shadow of the gradation exhibited by the three-dimensional washi in a spherical shape, and the shadows created from the overlap, weave the shade and shadows of the

Determination as a handmade craft
With the cooperation of Tsuyoshi Nakahara (traditional craftsman) of Nakahara Shoten, which specializes in Inshu-Washi from the eastern part of Tottori (former Inshu nation), we carefully finished each piece of paper. Enjoy the natural texture and appearance of washi.
Changing the shape according to the time
The shadows dropped by the washi when intersecting the gradation of shadows from the spherical three-dimensional washi with the changing of time change shape every time you look. It changes shape slowly, and fascinates those who watch.
Comes with the seal of Narahara Shoten and a serial number
Since it is handmade by an artisan, it is a one-of-a-kind item. We will deliver
it to you with the seal of Nakahara Shoten and a serial number.
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name fumon kind Inshu Washi Kinetic Wall Art Clock
code 27050-51 color White
size Concave version / W220mm × H220mm × D55mm
Convex version / W220mm × H240mm × D50mm
package size W310mm × H275mm × D65mm
material Washi partner company Aoya Science